Resin Art

Over a period of time, I have created quite a few abstract artworks which have been well received in public exhibitions. In these paintings, I have taken my abstract art in a different direction by using resin as my medium of choice.

My paintings are created using clear epoxy resin mixed with acrylic inks, dyes and pigments depending on the details I want to incorporate. Sometimes, I paint the background using resin mixed with pigments and then allow this layer to dry. The next layer could be composed of detailed work either in acrylic paint or ink or gel pens. I let this layer dry, before adding another layer of either clear resin or coloured resin. This process may be repeated if greater depth is required.


The paintings are created either on wood or canvas. Due the nature of resin, each painting is unique. Working with resin can be quite messy, but very satisfying and rewarding!


The sheen and gloss of the paintings are hard to capture on camera, so they are best appreciated in person.