" I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them" - Pablo Picasso

Born in India, but living in the UK for the past two decades, art has always played a big part in Gayathri's life. Her life has been both influenced and defined by the melting-pot of cultures that she has been exposed to throughout it, and this is vividly reflected in her work.

Being a mostly self-taught artist has helped Gayathri explore many avenues and styles and find the ones that she, and in turn her audience, can best connect and emote with. Abstract art is the means she has chosen that most allows her to freely express herself, affording her the liberty of a seamless transposition of emotion to canvas.

The main themes portrayed in Gayathri's work reflect her love of, and connection with nature, and this is often combined with an introspective view of more personal and human, emotion. Experimentation and invention remain at the core of Gayathri's ethos, so while she draws on various artists and styles for inspiration, she continues to forge her own unique way through the art world.